Let's Go Viral to Fight Ebola!

BonaResponds is taking requests for leaf raking... and would love to have individuals and groups join in too! You don't have to go out when we do - but you are most welcome!

Saturday, October 25th at 10:30 AM at SBU

  • Bring your rakes and a tarp if you have them (we'll have tools to use too).
  • Spread the word! Bring a team (or come by yourself and we'll become a big team!)

I want to make a donation and have someone rake my leaves. Click here!

I want to rake leaves to help fight the spread/find the cure for Ebola. Click here!

Don't want to rake, challenge someone to raise $100 for one of our causes - if not, they pay $10.

Create a win-win-win in no time flat:

  1. Find a job that will help your neighbors (ex. BonaResponds will be raking leaves).
  2. Invite your neighbors to make a donation to a cause (ex. BonaResponds will be working to support the ones listed below, but you can choose your own too).
  3. Round up your friends, family, co-workers, church group and get busy!

Win - Your neighbor gets a chore done!
Win - You and your neighbor support a charity/non-profit!
Win - You and your crew will have a great time!

Some possible suggestions for donations:

Name Description
Doctors without Borders Medical aid where it is needed most. Independent. Neutral. Impartial. Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) has treated hundreds of people with the disease and helped to contain numerous life-threatening epidemics.
Partners in Health Partners In Health is leading a coalition to combat this outbreak, working alongside two outstanding grassroots organizations - Last Mile Health in Liberia and Wellbody Alliance in Sierra Leone. These longtime PIH partners are already working to train health workers, identify sick patients, and deliver quality care. As the epidemic advances, these groups need support to provide comprehensive prevention, care, and treatment.
Catholic Relief Services CRS is working in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea on campaigns aimed at teaching the population about Ebola, its spread and prevention.
Kids for Christ / Christian Youth Corp - Liberia KIDS FOR CHRIST / Yearly Youth Camp- Monrovia, Liberia / Christian Youth Corp- London Hill, Liberia

If you live in an area without leaves, you might... wash a car, mow a lawn, go grocery shopping for someone, or any other chore.

Kicking Off a New Year - Fall 2014

Fall and Winter Projects

Cuba-Rushford, BonaResponds, and Team Depot working at the SPCA to build Kitty Kingdom #2

Ramps, Ramps, Ramps!!

Packing Books for Haiti

Summer Projects

May Trip to Breezy

BonaResponds: International Service Week 2013 (April 5-15)

Thank you to all of the volunteers who helped to make a difference this International Service Week!!

BonaResponds: NYC - Sandy Storm Relief (November 2012-March 2013)

Ramp Building Projects

Click here for many more pictures on Facebook.

Volunteer Opportunities

Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief

Some ways to help:
  • Donate a few bucks to help us with gas and food for volunteers on our trips. We rely entirely on donations.
  • Join us on our next trip to NYC or New Jersey. Trips are open to all, and we'd love your help!!!

SPCA of Cattaraugus County & Enchanted Mountain Adoption Center

Some ways to help:
  • Join us. Watch our Twitter updates for our next work day at the SPCA. We're installing chain link fence to double the number of dog play yards available.
  • Share your extras. The SPCA accepts donations and is regularly seeking dog and cat food, treats, blankets, sheets, cleaning supplies, etc. Consider what you might have cluttering up your laundry room, basement, or garage - clearing out some things you don't need would be a win-win for you and the animals!!
  • Go for a walk! Walking dogs or petting cats can be a great stress reliever. Plus, you'll make a pet's day! Visit on your own or follow our SPCA page on Facebook.

Local Service Projects

Some ways to help:
  • Come out and join us on a local project. Many of our requests are for wheelchair ramps. You do not need to have carpentry skills - there's work for everyone to do!
  • Volunteer from home - have some time to volunteer but prefer to stay home? We can help connect you with our Warm Snuggly Blanket project. You could also help to tutor students in Haiti who are learning English by connecting with them online. We also regularly send down school supplies to schools and orphanages in Haiti. Let us know if you'd like to help!

Some Other Recent Pictures

Cuba-Rushford's Teen Leadership group helps at the SPCA

Reinforcements MC helps build a ramp for a local veteran

Helping a neighbor to safely leave her house!

Preparing for new dog yards - we're doubling their play spaces!

Camden, New Jersey
Fall Break Trip 2012

Camden, New Jersey
Wheel Chair Ramp

Warm Snuggly Blanket Day

Making blankets for those
affected by cancer

Volunteer Forms

You can submit a job suggestion to us. Are you a non profit group that has a big job (painting?) that needs to be done? Or do you know of a park that needs cleaning? Poor neighbor who needs some help? Or even a fire hydrant that needs painting. Let us know. Submit your suggestion here.

Volunteer Forms

Volunteering for the first time? Please print and complete the BonaResponds waiver form.

BonaResponds Volunteer Waiver Form

Waiver Form for Home Owners

BonaResponds Work Release Form

BonaResponds Work Order / Job Description

BonaResponds Work Order Form

BonaResponds - Driver Form

BonaResponds - Driver Form


Thank you very much to the following sponsors - we greatly appreciate their generosity!!!

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