First Annual BonaResponds
International Service Day
March 27, 2010

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Look below the map for additional details, volunteer ideas, and sign-up information.

Pictures, Videos, and Reflections

New - The challenge to do this of course is that we will be spread across the globe and across 24 hours. Technology to the rescue! As easy as ABC:

A. We are asking you to upload pictures of your day (the more the better!), or even a small video (with a description please!) to the Flickr account we have set up for the day:

Account Bona_Responds Password: EMAIL ME FOR PASSWORD

Goto, sign in, hit upload and pick your pictures, add a description, and there you have it! Nice and easy.

You can email us at

B. Wed love a description of your day, so if you want, write up a short essay (a couple of sentences to pages, your choice) or even better--have someone you helped add their input and email (or

C. We will be doing a VOICE Quilt. This is really cool! (

1. Call 1-877-OurQuilt (1-877-687-7845). Overseas callers,
2. When asked for your invitation number, enter 92266.
3. Record your message, just as if talking to an answering machine.
4. Hang up or press # to hear more options.

While you can work without signing up, we'd love to now who was working in advance (hey you might want a t-shirt) so please make sure you have signed up.

Media Information

International Service Day Press Release