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BonaResponds is a service organization that began after Hurricane Katrina. Since then, the group has provided disaster response in multiple states as well as many, many projects to help those in need, including over 300 wheelchair ramps.

We frequently work with our sister organization, PositiveRipples, on international work including donations for Ukrainian refugees in Moldova, education, water, poverty, and disaster relief in Haiti and Sierre Leone, and other projects on an ad hoc basis. Over 3,000 trees have been planted over the last year to help sequester carbon, provide jobs, and increase biodiversity in Haiti and Sierre Leone.

Looking for ways to work with BonaResponds or follow our projects, including projects with Positive Ripples? Volunteering, donating, and spreading the word about our projects helps tremendously. Check out our Facebook page and sign up for our What's App group here.

Recent Ramp Projects

Recent Local and Trip Projects

Two recent ramps + food packing day

Working with Olean's First Baptist Church on a ramp project

Keeping up Bob's Woods - Beautiful trails around campus!!

Dropping off donations at Urban Christian Ministries in Buffalo

Making is possible for a family to stay together at home

Adding a board walk to muddy trail section below tennis courts

A ramp can make such a difference for a family!!!

Spring Break Trip 2023: Hurricane Ian Relief

Volunteer Forms

You can submit a job suggestion to us. Are you a non profit group that has a big job (painting?) that needs to be done? Or do you know of a park that needs cleaning? Poor neighbor who needs some help? Or even a fire hydrant that needs painting. Let us know. Submit your suggestion here.

Volunteer Forms

Volunteering for the first time? Please print and complete the BonaResponds waiver form.

BonaResponds Volunteer Waiver Form

Waiver Form for Home Owners

BonaResponds Work Release Form

BonaResponds Work Order / Job Description

BonaResponds Work Order Form

BonaResponds - Driver Form

BonaResponds - Driver Form

BonaResponds is a member of the New York State Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster